Welcome to the Brighton group for the Awakened Heart Sangha – an international Tibetan Buddhist community of students of Lama Shenpen Hookham. Please visit our Dates & Events page for details of our upcoming events and follow us on Facebook for our regular updates.

We meet fortnightly on a Saturday morning at Studio iO,  3 Queens Place in Brighton, to explore and practise Formless Meditation and the teachings of Lama Shenpen Hookham. Here you can find out more about us,  the type of meditation we practice and the dates of our sessions and events.

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Relaxing into Love

For the next few sessions of the Awakened Heart Sangha Brighton Group, we’re exploring what it means to truly love yourself. Starting as always from Lama Shenpen’s teaching, we’ll explore self love and self compassion through the Apramanas – the four “Immeasurables” or Brahma Viharas: Love Compassion Joy Equanimity Meditation, reflection, conversation as always. Discovering … Continue reading Relaxing into Love

Deepening Meditation, or maybe it should be Lightening Meditation?

  This week, six of us continued the exploration of what deepening of meditation practice might mean. Initial reactions to the topic were: ‘That’s too scary.’ ‘I can find a place of ease and connection in my meditation, why would I want to go deeper?’ ‘Good to do if could keep awake!’ After our usual … Continue reading Deepening Meditation, or maybe it should be Lightening Meditation?

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