Deepening Meditation

Mind’s true nature is primordial purity
In its natural state it has always been free
Nothing to attain, no one attaining anythingMilarepaCrop2

Khenpo Tsultrim Gyamtso

Meditation is a wonderful way to become calmer and feel more competent in the world. But anyone with any longer term experience knows that this is often a very superficial change. Feelings of peace and confidence on the meditation cushion often evaporate in the daily confusion of Samsara. Old patterns and habits re-emerge.. Carrying on with meditation can reveal the hidden shadows of our lives – the places we don’t want to visit. And we discover that things we thought were incontrovertibly true are just habitual assumptions – that we continuously invent and re-invent our lives and our selves.

We have made the world into a cage for ourselves. We thought it would keep us safe. But all we have done is create a claustrophobic space for our nightmares to fill. So meditation opens up the space, gives our hearts a place to breathe and the confidence to look our world uncompromisingly in the eye. It allows us to see ourselves and our world clearly and with love.

Meditation rattles the bars of our cage until the door springs open. If we step out and look back, we realise not only that it was never locked – but that there was never a cage. Let’s step out together.

Fortnightly from 11:15 to 13:15 at Studio iO Brighton. See our Events Page for more information.

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